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    • “Α Gift of wisdom”
    • “Α Gift of wisdom”

      Olive tree the gift from our beloved goddess Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

      Being inspired by her we created our leaf of the olive tree and its fruit symbolized by a precious pearl.

      According to the ancient myth, the city of Athens was founded during Cecrop’s reign. Its residents were looking into finding a name for their newly found city. Two Olympian Gods, Poseidon, the powerful god of the Sea, and Athena, the great goddess of Wisdom, claimed the patronage of the city.

      As commonly known, Athena was preclaimed a victor and Athens, the new city, was named after her. A city that later became the centre of humanity.

      Poseidon, as the father and master of all waters and liquids on Earth, offered the Athenians a great gift: Spring water. It is the element of life and the most valuable supply for any city. Whereas, Athena, offered something even more valuable than water.

      Until quite recently, we did appreciate and understood the great value and importance in the creation and evolution of the human civilisation, that the olive tree has offered.



    In Ancient Hellas, pearl was devoted to the goddess of Beauty, Aphrodite (Venus).

    Aphrodite emerged from the sea through a shell, hence the comparison to an invaluable pearl. The ancient Hellenes believed pearls were formed from the tears of gods.

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